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Friday, October 30, 2015

Note from the author: Dr. Elizabeth K. Best

I have no idea why my blogs are not functioning normally, but they are not.   I am in the process after almost 11 years of switching my blogs over to sites on a private server to avoid third party illegal decisions regarding my work.

Healing of Christ, the name of this blog is available at two other places on the net.  These studies as well as other studies by myself, Elizabeth Kirkley Best are privately owned by me, authored by me and illustrated by me.  THERE ARE NO CO AUTHORS AND NO ONE IS AUTHORIZED TO USE MY NAME OR ACCOUNTS. It is sad that after offering free studies for 19 years online and another 11 offline that radical changes are having to be made to protect the quality of the studies.  The studies are being dumbed down, large portions erased, poor grammar added, and even doctrine and translations changed:  when this occurs, but the studies are still under my name,  it ruins my ability to function in a normal way online,  or educate and teach in a sound way.  The process basically bullies one off the net,  in one of the worst cases of free speech and free religious expression violations I have ever seen. 

I am going to offer, free of charge,  downloads and even one print copy per request, any of the studies on any of the blogs to those who will use the studies for education, but not for rewriting.  I will publish the whole blog in print format as well using either Smashwords or another print platform, or one will be able to find them listed on judahsglory.com as well shortly.  These studies work very well as continuing bible study series for churches, homeschools, Christian schools and self study.  They are free of charge, and while no changes are to be made, and while they may not be sold , one may distribute they for genuine use.

Many Blessings to those who still believe the Lord and Savior prefers honesty in ministry.

Elizabeth Best
Elizabeth.best@gmail.com (this email is changing as it is being hacked and misappropriated)

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