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Saturday, September 03, 2011

A short note regarding copyright

The bible teaches that the Word of God is not bound. (2 Tim 2:9) I have held to that principle in studies as well, but must make the point that the copyrights of the material on this blog and which has been on this blog, belong to me the author. Though it is a 'restriction', it has been done to keep the work 'unbound' from the crass merchandising of others.

According to the Federal Copyright Law of 1976 and the Berne Universal Treaty, an author or creator of a work owns the work and the copyright from the time the work is a fixed work. No one else may register a copyright on the work. No one else may modify the work without my permission. No one else may sell, or decide on the usage of the work beside myself. No one else may represent the work.

To fill out a form and pay a fee to the copyright office does not mean you own a work, unless it is yours, or you have purchased it from the author. I do not sell the healing studies, and have never worked with anyone else on them, nor ever transferred copyright to another. For this reason, anyone claiming they have a copyright on my work is committing blatant fraud. This has become such a problem in the american church, that is necessary to post this notice, to protect the work.

The healing studies are 'free for use' but not to copyright by another person who couldn't care less if they merchandise God's Word or not. Please be aware that the bible studies in this blog may be freely used as often as one wishes within a ministry, church or home study, but MAY NOT BE BOUGHT OR SOLD, OR PUT UNDER ANOTHER NAME, NOR ALTERED IN ANY WAY, ESPECIALLY DOCTRINALLY. The studies are for the benefit of the believer and church, and this is the only way to keep them free and useful, and protect my right to my own work.
In Christ
Elizabeth Kirkley Best
2. 84.