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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hello to all.  Many problems have arisen on this blog recently.  Portions are being illegally accessed and hacked by non-writers who ruin the posts and embarrass the work.  Additionally,  for a lengthy time this blog and several others were blocked from view and we're seen only in 2 locations beside mine. This seems to be m entarily resolved.

The insane amount of interference amounts to a free speech and free practice-of-religion issue as many of the problems have come from unbelievers or those of differing doctrines.  We have a right online to freely express our thoughts and faith especially on our own sites.  We have been accosted on our sites by school children with no regard for an adult's work, with bored hackers, former persons from my early career and several from former churches who cannot comprehend the basic idea of an owned account to intellectual property.

I am moving the original studies with downloads to http://healingofchrist.judahsglory.com but this is a slow process. Please forgive the condition of several of the studies.  If you would like an original copy or download write to me at
Elizabeth Kirkley Best
Judah's Glory
Elizabeth.best@gmail.Com or judahsglory.Com
Or hardcopy request to:4524a Cinnamon Ridge Tr.
Eagan Mn 55122

Please pray for our unhappy hackers that they might come to a godly understanding of right and wrong. Including large corporate ministries!
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